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News Nº14

Schooner Atlantic News

The Atlantic preparing to leave Holland...
photo: Jlvb

23rd June 2010
Atlantic gently tugs her mooring lines, somehow she seems to know, today is her day when she will head to sea.
Three years after her keel was laid she's ready and eager to go. This is the day that Ed Kastelein has been longing for, family, guests and crew are on board, weather forecast is pretty much perfect with a gentle northerly breeze.

Ed's life long dream to build Atlantic, the quintessential 3-Masted racing schooner, has come true. Through his vision and extraordinary talents he made it happen.

A close knit and dedicated team worked hard over the past months and years to have her ready in time and each and every one of them deserve every bit of praise.

As for the proud Atlantic, she knows her moment of glory is now in reach, first she will navigate down the river to Rotterdam, then head south through the Channel and finally she will enter the ocean which named her.
The crew is so very curious on how she will handle, her motion in seaway, that special feeling when she will lean over for the first time and sail away.

The season ahead will see Atlantic cruising the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal, then the Balearics, the South coast of the Mediterranean, Sardinia and finally she will drop anchor at Cannes around September.

We would like to thank all friends and supporters for their interest over the past years. So many of you have been enthusiastic supporters and helped us with information, old photos and stories.
Thank you again for all you did to make this such an incredible and exiting project.

Soon we hope to have pictures under sail and of course these will be posted on www.schooner-atlantic.com

The Atlantic Team.