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News Nº12

Schooner Atlantic News
Welding the masts...
Firstly, a welcome to all our latest subscribers.
  This is simply to bring to your attention a feature by Christophe Varène published in the October-November 2009 (43rd) edition of Yachting Classique.
The magazine is in French only, but includes many pictures of the main and mizzen masts being stepped on the Atlantic, as well as the deckhouse being fitted.
It is followed by an excellent article by Jacques Taglang on transatlantic races between 1866 and 1905.
Various improvements are being made to our website, but obviously most effort is being concentrated on finishing the yacht.
We take this jobs to thank those who have spent the time to write something in our guest book, and hope to add some more pictures and interesting content soon.
For our German readers, we've come across an interesting Wikipedia article about the Atlantic.
Schooner Atlantic Team